Effect of partial replacement of soybean and corn with raw or processed chickpea

Author: A.Y. Şengül & S. Çalişlar
Year: 2020
Issue: 3
Volume: 50
Page: 460 - 470

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of using raw and processed chickpeas in various ways and levels in rations of egg-laying quail on egg yolk fat content, egg yolk fatty acid profile and some blood parameters. Chickpeas were used raw, autoclaved, and microwaved, and were included in the rations on two levels (20% and 40%). The treatments were designed as seven groups, consisting of control, 20% and 40% raw, 20% and 40% autoclaved, and 20% and 40% microwaved. Each group was designed as three repetitions. Quail were housed in multi-storey cages for nine weeks. As a result, the differences between the control and treatment groups were significant (P <0.05, P <0.01) in terms of the ratios of linoleic acid, α-linoleic acid, total saturated fatty acids, and palmitic acid among the egg yolk fatty acids and significant in the ALT levels of the blood parameters (P <0.01), and not significant for the other parameters.

Keywords: blood parameters, chickpeas, cholesterol, fatty acids, Quail
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