Efficacy of Tragopogon graminifolius medicinal powder as an inulin source for laying hens

Author: A. Nobakht, V. Palangi, T. Ayaşan & İ. Coşkun
Year: 2022
Issue: 3
Volume: 52
Page: 252 - 258

In an experiment, the efficacy of Tragopogon graminifolius (TG) plant powder as a medicinal supplement for laying hens was investigated. A total of 192 Hy-line (W36) hens that had been laying for 52 to 63 weeks, were used. They were allocated to four replicates of four treatments (12 birds per in each replicate) in a completely randomized design. Diets were formulated to contain 0%, 2%, 4% and 6% TG powder. Dietary augmentation with TG powder affected the production and blood indexes of laying hens significantly. Egg weight, egg production percentage, egg mass and feed intake were greatest and feed conversion ratio, high yolk colour index, and Haugh unit were best when the hens were supplemented with 6% TG powder. Eggshell thickness decreased when this high level of TG powder was used. The lowest blood white cell count was observed with 2% TG in the diet. The TG levels did not change the blood indexes meaningfully. Based on these results, the provision of TG to laying hens at up to 6% of their diet improved the production traits.

Keywords: Egg production, egg yolk, feed intake, haematology
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