Note on in vitro digestion of avocado products for pigs

Author: J. Ly, P. Fránquez, G. Rodríguez, C. Lemus, I.A. Dominguez & F. Grageola
Year: 2021
Issue: 1
Volume: 51
Page: 138 - 141

In vitro (pepsin/pancreatin) digestibility coefficients of pulp, seed, and peel of avocados of the Creole and Hass varieties were studied according to a 2 x 3 factorial arrangement in which the factors were the variety and parts of the fruit. Creole avocado were heavier in natura than Hass exemplars (310.7 g and 156.8 g), whereas Hass had a greater proportion of pulp than the Creole fruits (76.0% and 64.6%). No significant interactions were observed. In vitro digestibility of dry matter (DM), organic matter (OM), and nitrogen (N) were higher for the Creole variety compared with the Hass. In vitro digestibility of N was similar in the pulp and seeds, and higher than in the peels (731, 773, and 550 g/kg-1, respectively). Use of the entire avocado as pig feedstuff would have a lower nutritional value compared with feeding just avocado pulp. Supplementation of a diet based on avocado with additional protein may be needed for optimal production.

Keywords: avocado, digestibility, pancreatin, pepsin
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