Slaughter, carcass and egg traits of domestic geese raised in the Aegean region of Turkey

Author: Y. Akın & M.F. Çelen
Year: 2022
Issue: 2
Volume: 52
Page: 214 - 222

This study was conducted to determine the slaughter, carcass, and egg quality characteristics of domestic geese reared in Uşak, Afyon, and Kütahya provinces of the Aegean region. Ninety-six eggs were obtained from 38¬- to 44-week-old geese from four locations in each province. Slaughter and carcass characteristics were recorded for 48 female and male geese between 28 and 32 weeks old. Heavier eggs were produced in Afyon and Kütahya than in Uşak. Shape index, eggshell ratio and thickness, and yolk colour were significantly different between provinces. Birds from Kütahya were lighter at slaughter than those from Uşak and Afyon. This difference was also manifest in the weights of hot and cold carcass, blood, neck, wing, leg, breast, and back. The weights of blood, feathers, liver, gizzard, heart and neck varied significantly relative to cold carcass weight between provinces. Male geese were significantly larger than females in all respects except for liver weight. Because females weighed less, the various ratios to cold carcass weight were significantly greater than for males. Interestingly, the relative weight of the breast was significantly greater for males than for females. These differences among provinces might be attributable to environmental factors and genetic differences among the geese themselves.

Keywords: Aegean provinces, breeder conditions, carcass traits, Egg quality, geese liver
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