Use of phosphatidylcholine in Tris-based extender with or without egg yolk to freeze Bapedi ram semen

Author: K.S. Mafolo, C.M. Pilane, T. Chitura & T.L. Nedambale
Year: 2020
Issue: 3
Volume: 50
Page: 389 - 396

Traditionally, egg yolk is a protective agent that is used to freeze semen in various species. However, the addition of egg yolk in extender risks the introduction of disease. Therefore, an alternative cryoprotective agent should be found to preserve ram semen. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of phosphatidylcholine (PC) as a protective agent in extender with or without egg yolk on semen characteristics and acrosome integrity of frozen then thawed Bapedi ram semen. Semen was collected from four mature Bapedi rams, in the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) Germplasm Conservation Programme, using an artificial vagina. Following collection, semen samples were randomly diluted into Tris-based extender (1: 2), with and without egg yolk, and supplemented with four concentrations of PC liposome (0 mg/ml), 0.25 mg/ml, 0.5 mg/ml and 0.75 mg/ml). Supplementation of PC liposome in extender with or without egg yolk did not improve the semen total motility (TM), progressive motility (PM) and rapid motility (RM) rate. The sperm cell membrane integrity in extender with or without egg yolk was not influenced by the supplementation of PC liposome after thawing (P >0.05). The addition of PC liposome to Tris-based extender with egg yolk had a similar result to control (Tris-based extender with egg yolk) on sperm cell acrosome integrity. In conclusion, supplementation of PC liposome to Tris-based extender without egg yolk had lower sperm cell viability and motility rates compared with the extender with egg yolk, regardless of concentration.

Keywords: acrosome, cryoprotectant, liposome, membrane, motility
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