Effects of flushing and various doses of β-Carotene and vitamin E applications on the reproductive performance of ewes

Author: S. Ozis Altincekic, M. Koyuncu & S. Duru
Year: 2022
Issue: 1
Volume: 52
Page: 90 - 97

The aim of this study was to determine whether fertility could be enhanced in Kıvırcık ewes during the anoestrous period by flushing or by administering an injectable (Ovostim) containing β-Carotene and vitamin E. Three-year-old Kıvırcık ewes (n = 99) were used. The ewes were randomly divided into four groups: flushing, a single dose of Ovostim (5 ml/ewe) before the breeding season, a dose of Ovostim 10 days before the breeding season and a second dose at its start, and an untreated control. Results showed that pregnancy rate was higher in the treated groups than in the control (P <0.001). The single dose of Ovostim produced more multiple births (72%) and the highest litter size (1.64) compared with the other treatments. Although the double-dose of Ovostim influenced the ewes in the anoestrous period to the point of becoming pregnant, it failed to favourably affect the number of lambs born per ewe lambing. In conclusion, flushing the ewes or administering a single dose of Ovostim was shown to be advantageous in comparison with untreated ewes or those given two doses of Ovostim.

Keywords: fertility, Flushing, sheep, vitamin E, β-carotene
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