Genetic diversity and population structure of Turkish Aseel chickens

Author: F.T. Özbaşer Bulut, Y. Özşensoy, A. Kocakaya, B. Yüceer Özkul & C. Özbeyaz
Year: 2023
Issue: 4
Volume: 53
Page: 511 - 521

This study aimed to assess the genetic diversity, maternal origin, and population structure of Turkish Aseel chickens. The research was conducted on Aseel roosters and chicks older than one year. DNA was extracted from 96 Turkish Aseel feather samples collected from various regions of Türkiye for the study. Sample DNAs were amplified using specific primers for the D-loop region of the chicken mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). The sequences were produced using the amplified DNA samples. The mtDNA D-loop regions were compared with the sequences of the same genetic area from other chicken breeds. Turkish Aseel chickens provided 34 haplotypes and 18 genuine polymorphisms across 41 distinct regions that were particular to the breed. According to the findings of the phylogenetic tree, Turkish Aseel chickens tend to establish clusters of haplogroups among themselves. Although most Turkish Aseel samples clustered individually into three clades, at least one sample has been discovered with five distinct clades. According to the phylogenetic tree and the Median Joining Network, it can be concluded that while many of the haplogroups of Turkish Aseel cluster among themselves, they have diverse maternal origins and lack breed-specific maternal lineages. This research is the first extensive study to examine genetic variability in Turkish Aseel chickens. Considering the lack of similar data on other Aseel varieties raised in different counties, the current work is a pioneering study with data on the genetic characterization of the Aseel breed.

Keywords: D-loop, genetic characterization, haplotype, mtDNA, Türkiye
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