Influence of phytate and phytase on performance, bone, and blood parameters of broilers at 42 days old

Author: J. Broch, V.D.L. Savaris, L. Wachholz, E.H. Cirilo, G.L.S. Tesser, W.J. Pacheco, C. Eyng, G.M. Pesti & R.V. Nunes
Year: 2021
Issue: 2
Volume: 51
Page: 160 - 171

The objective was to evaluate the effect of diets containing various levels of phytate and phytase on broilers from 1 to 42 days old. The treatments consisted of a combination of diets containing high (HP), medium (MP) and low (LP) phytate with positive control diet (PC) and a negative control diet (NC) that was similar to the PC in energy and protein but with less calcium and phosphorus. Three additional diets, based on the NC were supplemented with 500, 1000, or 1500 FTU kg-1 of phytase. Broilers that received the NC diet exhibited the lowest weight gain (WG), whereas those supplemented with 1000 FTU kg-1 obtained 2.84% higher WG compared with PC. Broilers that received NC had the lowest breaking strength and dry matter. Birds fed HP diets that received NC and NC + 500 FTU kg-1 had a higher concentration of serum Ca and P than birds fed LP diets. Broilers fed the NC and NC + 500 and 1000 FTU kg−1 had lower tibia Ca levels compared with birds fed the PC. Broilers fed HP diets had higher tibia Ca content than MP. Phytase supplementation had a positive response in diets with reduced Ca and P. Based on regression analysis the optimum inclusion of phytase to improve broiler performance parameters was calculated as 952 FTU kg-1.

Keywords: broiler nutrition, feedstuffs, phosphorus, Poultry production, tibiae
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