A nutritional evaluation of Geotrichum candidum grown on an industrial effluent

Author: F. Nell, F.K. Siebrits and J.P. Hayes
Year: 1992
Issue: 6
Volume: 22
Page: 181 - 184

The nutritional value of Geotrichum candidum, produced on an acid effluent from Sasol, was determined. Analysis of G. candidum revealed (on an air-dry basis) a crude protein content of 53.4% and a true protein content of 38.8% with a favourable amino acid composition (1.63% available lysine and 1.14% available methionine and cystine). The relative nutritive value (RNV) was found to be 0.505 ± 0.038 and the true protein digestibility (PTD) was 0.851 ± 0.057. The true metabolizable energy for poultry was 12.74 ± 0.26 MJ/kg dry matter.


Keywords: chemical composition, Geotrichum candidum, Poultry, rats, Relative nutritive value, single cell protein, True metabolizable energy, true protein digestibility
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