An evaluation of the lamb and mutton carcase grading system in the Republic of South Africa. 3. Fatness score, conformation scor

Author: G.G. Bruwer, R.T. Naudé & W.A. Vosloo
Year: 1987
Issue: 2
Volume: 17
Page: 90 - 94



The influence of fatness, conformation and carcase mass as individual predictors of carcase composition, was determined in 104 carcases which were fully dissected and of which carcase composition was determined. Chemical analysis was done on each carcase and the total fat percentage of each carcase was determined. The official graders evaluated carcase fatness and conformation on an 18- and 15-point scale respectively. Cold carcase mass was recorded. Visual evaluation of fatness showed higher relationships with carcase tissues than did conformation or carcase mass. The contribution of fatness score to explain the variation in lean percentage in lamb carcases was 68,38%, whilst conformation and carcase mass contributed 3,06% and 0,68% respectively. Similar results were obtained when carcases of all the age groups were combined. Of the variation that occurred in total fat percentage for lamb carcases 80,83% was explained by fatness score whilst conformation and carcase mass contributed 0,75% and 0,44% respectively. The contribution of conformation as a predictor of carcase composition was negligible. The relationships of carcase mass with subcutaneous fat percentage and total fat percentage were very low.



Keywords: carcase, carcase mass, classification, Conformation, fatness, Lamb, mutton
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