Angoradb: A database for QTL research in Angora goats

Author: C.A. Hefer, F. Joubert and E. van Marle-Köster
Year: 2005
Issue: 4
Volume: 35
Page: 249 - 252

Biological data repositories are widely applied to assist researchers in effectively storing and retrieving data. The recent developments in molecular biology intensified the need for well-designed biological databases, which can be queried without increasing the computational time. This study describes the design of a biological databank for the primary data collection phase, which involves collection and storing of genotypic and phenotypic information of a number of South African Angora goat herds, which will be utilised in a QTL study for mohair traits.

Keywords: Angora goats, biological databank, genotypic, phenotypic information
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