Antibiotic residue withdrawal periods in milk of Saanen dairy goats and udder tissue irritation: Preliminary results

Author: J. Karzis, E.F. Donkin and I.M. Petzer
Year: 2004
Issue: 5
Volume: 34
Page: 262 - 265

Antibiotic residues in goat milk were measured in two trials. In Trial 1, eight goats were treated with Curaclox LC and six goats were untreated controls. All goats were in early lactation except for one. Withdrawal periods of Curaclox LC calculated according to the Thermo-Resistant Inhibitory Substances (TRIS) test were shorter than withdrawal periods corresponding to the disappearance of the blue dye in the milk. Somatic cell counts (SCC) of treatment and control groups peaked after treatment and returned to baseline. The SCC of non-infected goats was slightly lower than those of infected goats. In Trial 2, seven goats were treated with Spectrazol and seven goats were untreated controls. All goats were in mid to late lactation. Withdrawal periods calculated according to TRIS results in Trial 2 were longer than those of Trial 1. The SCC of treatment and control group and of infected and non-infected goats remained unstable in Trial 2, due to late lactation and stress.

Keywords: antibiotic withdrawal, Goat milk
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