Apparent and true amino acid digestibility of artemia meal in broiler chicks (Short communication)

Author: F. Aghakhanian, A. Zarei, H. Lotfollahian and N. Eila
Year: 2009
Issue: 2
Volume: 39
Page: 158 - 162

In order to determine the amino acid digestibility of artemia meal, five-week old male broiler chicks were given a semi-purified diet in which artemia meal was the sole source of protein. Apparent amino acid digestibility values of the assay diet, using ileal and excreta contents, were calculated using chromic oxide as indigestible marker. True digestibility values were calculated using endogenous output determined by feeding a nitrogen-free diet. The results showed that in determination of apparent amino acid digestibility of excreta, serine had the lowest (0.80) and methionine the highest (0.92) digestibility, while glycine had the lowest (0.88) and arginine and leucine the highest (0.95) apparent ileal digestibility. In measuring true excreta and ileal amino acid digestibility, alanine and glycine had the lowest (0.90 and 0.93) and methionine the highest (0.96 and 0.99) digestibility, respectively. In general, the site of measurement had no effect on apparent or true amino acid digestibility of artemia meal.


Keywords: amino acid digestibility, Artemia meal, Broiler, excreta, ileum
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