Assessing the acceptability of processed goat meat

Author: H.R. Breukink and N.H. Casey
Year: 1989
Issue: 2
Volume: 19
Page: 76 - 80

The possible upgrading of meat of mature does to an acceptable product through processing was investigated using chemical, physical and sensory evaluation techniques. Twelve goat does (six-tooth) were slaughtered and processed into vienna sausages and cured and smoked buttocks. These were compared with viennas in which lean beef replaced the goat meat and identically cured and smoked beef silverside (M. semitendinosus), respectively. Both the unprocessed and processed meats were analysed for their protein, fat, moisture and ash contents. The shear force, expressible moisture and iodine number of the fat in the products were also determined. A taste panel could distinguish between the goat and beef viennas and rated the overall palatability of the goat product less acceptable (P < 0,01) than the beef. The cured, smoked goat buttock was rated more acceptable (P < 0,01) than the beef silverside and has the potential of being a delicacy.


Keywords: Goat meat, processing
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