Body weight and growth rate of South African Angora goat kids under different pre- and post-weaning management systems

Author: M.A. Snyman
Year: 2007
Issue: 2
Volume: 37
Page: 132 - 141

The data used for this study were collected on 16 644 kids born between 2000 and 2004 in 12 different Angora goat studs representing different management systems. Body weight and growth rate of kids from birth to 16 months of age, as well the 18- and 21-month body weights and first kidding performance of ewe kids were evaluated. Variable growth rates were recorded among kids in the different studs, which can be ascribed largely to different environments and supplementary feeding practices. The pre-weaning growth performance of both ram and ewe kids was satisfactory. However, the same did not apply for post-weaning growth rates. In those flocks where kids did not receive any supplementary feeding after weaning, their body weights remained virtually constant from weaning up to eight months of age. This phenomenon where especially ewe kids did not grow well after weaning, needs to be investigated further, since it influences the reproductive ability of young ewes directly. This was evident from the poor reproductive performance of young ewes in some of the studs. On the other hand, the effect of different pre-weaning treatments did not seem to be carried over to body weight and reproductive performance at first kidding age.

Keywords: Angora goats, growth rate, Reproduction
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