Carcass characteristics of South African native chicken lines (Short communication)

Author: E. van Marle-Köster and E.C. Webb
Year: 2000
Issue: 1
Volume: 30
Page: 53 - 56

Carcass characteristics of the Koekoek, New Hampshire, Naked-Neck, Lebowa-Venda and Ovambo chicken lines were evaluated. The highest dressed-carcass mass was recorded for Ovambo chickens and the highest percentage breast muscle was recorded for Naked-Neck chickens. Percentage fat and fatty acid composition differed between lines (p < 0.05). Carcass mass and fat content of the native chicken lines were less than in a commercial broiler line. It was concluded that the Ovambo and New Hampshire chicken lines appear to have the most suitable carcass characteristics for low-input systems where poultry production is aimed at household food security.

Keywords: carcass, chicken, composition, fatty acids
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