Chicken litter in fattening rations for cattle and sheep

Author: S.W. Bosman
Year: 1973
Issue: 2
Volume: 3
Page: 57 - 61

Weaner calves were group-fed and weaner lambs were individually fed on control standard fattening rations (Treatment 1) and compared with rations containing 20% chicken litter (Treatment 2) and 40% chicken litter (Treatment 3). With weaner calves the difference between treatments in daily gain in live mass between Treatment I and Treatment 3 was highly significant (P< 0,01) and it was significant (P< 0,05) between Treatment 2 and Treatment 3. In the case of the weaner lambs there were no significant differences between treatments both in feed intake and in daily gain in body mass. With weaner calves less fat covering and lower grading of the carcasses were obtained in Treatment 3. No statistical significant differences were established between treatments in the weaner lamb carcasses. In rations for both weaner calves and weaner lambs the level of 20 %chicken litter proved to be the most profitable.


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