Class FH Sunflower seeds (Helianthus annuus) as an energy/protein source for early weaned piglets

Author: J. Viljoen, M.N. Ras & S.E. Coetzee
Year: 1988
Issue: 2
Volume: 18
Page: 59 - 62

The digestible energy (DE) content of milled and whole class FH sunflower seed (SS) was determined in a digestion trial and found to be respectively 18,7 and 9,9 MJ/kg on an air dry basis. Two diets for early weaned piglets formulated to be equal in protein, lysine and DE and respectively containing 18,0% roasted full-fat soybean meal (RSB) or 19,3% SS were evaluated in a digestion trial. The diets were also fed to piglets, weaned at 3 weeks of age (16 per diet), for a period of 36 days. The SS-based diet had a DE content of 15,1 MJ/kg air-dry matter and the RSB diet 14,6 MJ/kg air-dry matter. No significant differences were found in the performance of the piglets on the two diets. It was, however, observed that piglets fed the SS-based diet tended to perform slightly better, which can be ascribed to the higher DE content of the SS diet. It, therefore, appears that SS can be used effectively as a protein/energy source in diets for early weaned piglets.



Keywords: Early weaning, piglet, Sunflower seeds
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