Comparative beef production from bulls, steers and heifers under intensive feeding conditions

Author: J. Reyneke
Year: 1976
Issue: 1
Volume: 6
Page: 53 - 58

Certain facets of comparative beef production from bulls, steers and heifers were investigated. Growth rate, final carcass mass, efficiency of feed utilization and several carcass measurements served as parameters for the purpose of comparison. From birth to twelve months of age, bulls gained 10% faster than steers, and 23 % faster than heifers; steers gained 12 % faster than heifers. At an age of 12 months the mass of bulls exceeded that of steers by 10%and that of heifers by 21%. Steers were 11% heavier than heifers. Bulls, steers and heifers required 5,14; 5,49 and 5,39 kg dry matter per kilogram live mass gain, respectively. The results for TDN per kilogram gain in the same order were 3,96; 4,26 and 4,15 kg. Due to these notable differences in respect of efficiency of meat production, the production of meat from intact males should be increased considerably in future.

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