Comparison of chemical composition of Atriplex spp. grown under South African conditions with regard to site, species and plant

Author: W.A. van Niekerk, P.J. Vermaak, N.F.G. Rethman and R.J. Coertze
Year: 2004
Issue: 5
Volume: 34
Page: 98 - 100

The aim of this study was to evaluate the nutritional value of Atriplex spp. for small stock production. Selected plants were harvested and analysed for crude protein, in vitro digestibility and leaf to stem ratio. Significant differences in nutritional value were noted between leaves and stems as well as between sites for the three Atriplex spp. Significant seasonal effects were noted in terms of composition of leaves and stems between the two sampling seasons for A. canescens (Veld Reserve I) and A. canescens (Santa Rita) but not for A. nummularia.

Keywords: Atriplex, crude protein, in vitro digestibility
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