Comparison of different models to estimate purine bases absorbed in goats

Author: H. Andrade-Montemayor, F. Hernandez, J. Madrid and M.D. Megi­as
Year: 2004
Issue: 5
Volume: 34
Page: 28 - 30

The purine bases absorbed (PBa) and microbial nitrogen flow (MNF) in the duodenum were estimated with five models proposed for sheep (1, 4), goats (2), cattle (5) and a goat-sheep mixed model (3). Data of purine derivatives excreted (PDe) in urine of eight digestibility trials were used. In these trials, eight adult male castrated Murciano-granadino goats (30.5 ± 4.95 kg of live weight) were used. Feed was offered as a total mixed ration and was based on alfalfa hay or barley straw and concentrates (50:50). The range in variation for daily DM intake, OM digestibility and nitrogen balance of the different rations were: 38 to 42 g/kg LW0.75, 68 to 71% and 0.35 to -0.11 g/d respectively. The estimation to PBa, MNF and microbial yield, were different between equations. The estimation of PBa in equation 4 was underestimated by too high recovery of endogenous fraction of PDe in urine considered in this equation. The ratio between N content in the microbial population of the rumen (MNR) and PBa was lower in the equation 2 (0.55 mmol/day) than equations 1, 3, 4 and 5 (0.727 mmol/day). The variability of the factors used in the equations to estimate PDa and MNF within and among species limits its use.

Keywords: digestible organic matter intake, Endogenous purine derivative, microbial nitrogen synthesis, purine metabolism
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