Comparison of textural properties of low-fat chevon, beef, pork, and mixed-meat sausages

Author: K.M. Gadiyaram and G. Kannan
Year: 2004
Issue: 5
Volume: 34
Page: 212 - 214

Chevon (goat meat) is an ideal source of red meat for the preparation of heart-healthy products because of its lower fat content. This study was conducted to compare the texture attributes of low-fat chevon sausages to those of beef and pork sausages. Two batches each of chevon, beef, pork and mixed-meat sausages with no added fat were manufactured under identical conditions using a commercial sausage seasoning. For each batch, six Spanish goat carcasses, and beef chuck and pork leg cuts from different carcasses were used. The mixed-meat sausage was prepared using equal proportions of chevon, beef and pork lean. Sausages were cooked in a convection oven to an internal temperature of 75 °C, drained and then sampled for analysis. Cooking losses were the lowest in chevon sausages. Fat levels were 2.29, 7.07, 2.77 and 3.02%, respectively, in chevon, beef, pork, and mixed-meat sausages. Hardness and chewiness were not influenced by sausage type. Springiness was higher in chevon, pork, and mixed-meat sausages compared to that of beef sausages. Cohesiveness was high in beef and pork sausages, low in chevon sausages, and intermediate in mixed sausages. The results suggest that textural attributes of chevon sausages are comparable to those of other sausages studied. Incorporation of chevon in mixed-meat sausages may result in a low-fat product with superior water-holding and textural properties.

Keywords: Chevon, Low-fat sausages, Texture profile analysis
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