Determining storage related egg quality changes via digital image analysis

Author: S. Aktan
Year: 2004
Issue: 2
Volume: 34
Page: 70 - 74

The present study was carried out to determine some egg quality characteristics and storage related changes using computer assisted digital image analysis (CADIA) in an 18-month old moulted brown layer (Lohmann Brown) flock. A total of 150 newly laid eggs was randomly divided into two groups: eggs from the control group were broken immediately, while the remainder were stored at 18 oC and 55% RH for seven days. Area and length measurements related to exterior and interior egg quality were determined by digital image analysis. In general, excluding the outer thin albumen area, all of the area measurements such as total egg content area and inner thick albumen area were larger in stored eggs than in fresh eggs (52.28 vs. 49.37 cm2, 114.36 vs. 137.13 cm2, and 62.08 vs. 87.76 cm2, respectively). Phenotypic correlations between some exterior and interior egg quality characteristics were also determined.

Keywords: digital image analysis, Egg quality, moulted brown layer, storage
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