Die benutting van Cynodon aethiopicus Clayton et Harlan (stergras) en Pennisetum clandestinum Hochst ex chiov (kikuyu) as hooig

Author: T.M. Laas, J.W. Nel & J.O. Grunow
Year: 1981
Issue: 3
Volume: 11
Page: 211 - 216

Digestibility trials were conducted to determine the nutritional value of Cynodon aethiopicus Clayton et Harlan (stargrass) and Pennisetum clandestinum Hochst ex Chiov (kikuyu) as hay for sheep. Eragrostis curvula hays of 2 qualities were included as controls in the evaluation study of hay types. The crude protein, crude fibre and lignin contents of C. aethiopicus, P. clandestimtm and E. curvula in that order, were 11,78; 26,52; 6,03, 11,94; 25,47; 4,74 and 10,43; 29,28 and 5,37 per cent respectively. Despite the high crude protein and low crude fibre contents of P. clandestinum the N retention, DM digestibility, N digestibility, crude fibre digestibility and apparent digestible energy of C. aethiopicus and E. curvula hay were significantly higher (P <0,01) than those of P. clandestinum hay. Sheep on the C. aethiopicus diet showed a higher DM intake than those on the other grass species, namely 7 1,0 vs 52,1; 58,7 and 48,9 g DM/Wkg0,75/day for P. clandestinum, high and low quality E. curvula hay respectively

Keywords: C. aethiopicus, E. curvula, Hay, P. clandestinum
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