Die bepaling van spier, vet en been in karkasse en snitte van jong osse

Author: R.T. Naude
Year: 1972
Issue: 1
Volume: 2
Page: 35 - 39

The carcasses of eighteen steers with an average age of 16 months (beef, dairy and crossbred types) were used to determine the part-whole relationships in the composition of cuts and carcasses. The prime rib cut which is a very practical joint to obtain out of the fore quarter, (8 to 10th rib) estimated the percentage muscle (r = 0,95) and fat (r =0,97) with a high degree of accuracy. The bone content of the carcass however, is estimated more accurately by the bone of the hind (r = 0,95) or fore shin (r = 0,96) or by the radiusulna (r = 0,96), than by the bone from the prime rib (r =0,85 to r =0,91).


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