Die effek van verkorte draagtyd na verskillende hormoonbehandelings op pelseienskappe van karakoellammers

Author: P.J. le Roux & L.C. van Wyk
Year: 1976
Issue: 2
Volume: 6
Page: 93 - 96

The effect of shortening gestation with hormones on pelt characteristics of Karakul lamb:

Two hundred and eighty two pregnant Karakul ewes were used in an experiment which was conducted with ewes mated out of the normal breeding season (October to December), Intramuscular injections of either 1 mg flumethasone or 30 mg stilboestrol were used· to induce parturition – 7 days before normal lambing. Pelt characteristics of the lambs were assessed subjectively. The oestrogen treated ewes lambed significantly ( P < 0,01) earlier than the flumethasone groups but showed a tendency towards dystocia. On the whole shortening of the gestation period improved pelt characteristics and had a slight advantageous effect on pelt prices. The use of a corticosteroid to induce parturition in ewes where prolonged pregnancy disease is common, seems indicated.

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