Die invloed van nat- teenoor droëvoeding en proteïenpeil op die verandering in chemiese samestelling van die groeiende vark

Author: F.K. Siebrits, E.H. Kemm & M.N. Ras
Year: 1981
Issue: 1
Volume: 11
Page: 17 - 22

Two diets containing respectively 14 and 16 percent crude protein were fed either wet or dry to 80 Landrace x Large White cross bred barrows. Live mass gain, carcass growth, deposition rates of the different chemical carcass components and carcass compositions were determined at different live masses by means of a comparative slaughter technique. No significant differences in terms of growth rate or carcass composition were observed between the pigs which received the high protein diet (16 percent crude protein) either wet or dry. The pigs which received the low protein diet (14 percent crude protein) dry, produced fatter carcasses than the pigs which received the same diet wet. However, the differences were small and of no economic importance. The rate of protein deposition increased curvilinearly to reach a maximum at about 75 kg live mass after which it declined again.

Keywords: carcass composition, protein level, Wet vs.dry feeding
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