Die invloed van sinchronisasie van die estrusperiode, DMS-toediening en prikkelvoeding op: estrus en besetting van Suid-Afrikaan

Author: H.K. Botha, C.H. van Niekerk en R.F.E. Pagel
Year: 1975
Issue: 3
Volume: 5
Page: 231 - 233

The influence of synchronisation of the oestrus period, PMSG administration and flushing on: oestrous and conception of South African mutton merino ewes:

The effects of MAP + PMSG and of flushing, during the breeding season, on oestrus and conception were studied in 186 South African Mutton Merino ewes. The conception rate was more than 20% higher in the ewes injected with 300 IU PMSG than in animals which received 0 or 600 IU PMSG. Both flushing (P < 0,05) and PMSG (P < 0,01) shortened the period from sponge withdrawal to the beginning of oestrus without affecting the duration of oestrus.


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