Die invloed van stikstofbemesting van mielies op die in vivo-verteerbaarheid van mieliestrooi (Kort mededeling)

Author: H.M.I. Schoonraad, S.J. Schoeman, T.M. Laas & B.H. Beukes
Year: 1987
Issue: 1
Volume: 17
Page: 45 - 47



Straw of maize plants which had been fertilized with 40, 120 or 200 kg N/ha was fed to 27 Döhne Merino wethers in a digestibility trial. Feed residues, faeces and urine were collected over a 7-day period. Intake of dry matter by sheep increased (571, 801 and 903 g/day) With Increasing N level per ha (P 0;01). The N balance as a percentage of the N intake of sheep fed maize residues fertilized with 40 kg N/ha was negative (-59,8%), but those fed maize residues fertilized with 120 or200 kg N/ha had a positive (P 0,01) N balance (3,2 and 14,9% respectively). Fertilization increased (P0,05) the apparent digestible energy content (43,0; 45,6 and 49,5%), The apparent digestible protein (-3,3; 9,2 and 16,2 g/day) and energy intake (4,4; 6,5 and 7,9 MJ/day) increased (P0,01) with increasing N level per ha.






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