Die netto energiebenodigdhede van vroeggespeende lammers

Author: P.I. Boshoff & L.P. Vosloo
Year: 1976
Issue: 1
Volume: 6
Page: 25 - 28

Total net energy retention was determined on 27 Dormer X Merino weather lambs by means of the tritiated water space method whilst the digestibility of the nine experimental rations was determined simultaneously. Net energy requirements for maintenance (NEm) and production (NEp) was calculated with the aid of the mentioned data. Fasting metabolism, which is equivalent to NEm, amounted to 290 kJ/W0,75/day. Heat production was estimated by means of the equation log HP = 1,8337 + 0,001 76 MEi. Net energy requirements for growth (NE ) were derived from the slope of the regression line of daily energy retention on daily gain (1,55 MJ/kg gain  W0,75/day). These values were used to derive at the net energy requirements of lambs over a range of body mass and daily mass gain.

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