DNA polymorphisms in the bovine thyroglobulin gene (Short communication)

Author: M.H. Ricketts and S. Vandenplas
Year: 1992
Issue: 3
Volume: 22
Page: 97 - 100

DNA polymorphisms that can be detected by restriction endonucleases are valuable in population and linkage studies. In this manuscript we have reported on the occurrence of DNA polymorphisms in a defined region of the bovine thyroglobulin gene. We have shown that an intron 9 PstI site and an exon 11TaqI site are highly polymorphic, and occur only as the (+ +) or (–) haplotypes at a frequency of 0.53 and 0.47 respectively in Afrikander cattle. The same sites have also been found to be polymorphic in the Belgian White-and-Blue breed. An additional TaqI polymorphism in the Belgian White-and-Blue breed is also described. The role of selective pressure on the polymorphic sites is discussed.


Keywords:   Afrikander cattle, DNA,  polymorphisms, thyroglobulin



Keywords: Afrikander cattle, DNA, polymorphisms, thyroglobulin
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