Author: V. Muchenje
Year: 2017
Issue: 1
Volume: 47
Page: 1 - 1

In the past few years, the South African Journal of Animal Science (SAJAS) has taken great strides in advancing animal science and sustainable use of natural resources. Its impact factor rose from 0.143 (2003) to 0.511 (current). Through the dedication and concerted efforts of the editorial team and reviewers; the average turnaround time for article consolidation has reduced from 190 days (2014) to 53 days (current). Join me in commending the outgoing Editor-in-Chief of SAJAS, Prof. Jannes Van Ryssen, for his outstanding service to the journal. His contributions have greatly improved the quality of the articles published in this journal and the journal itself. We applaud his accomplishments and are grateful that he will continue to be part of the SAJAS team as an honorary editor-in-chief. Since my appointment on the 1st October 2016, the editorial board has been reconstituted, with the appointment of Prof. Este van Marle-Köster (University of Pretoria), Prof. Victor Mlambo (North-West University) and I as the SASAS publication committee. Prof. van Marle-Köster has also been appointed as guest editor of the SAJAS. We welcome the addition of a cohort of internationally recognised experts, such as Dr Tim McAlister (Canada), Dr A. Yakubu, Lafia (Nigeria), Dr Dominika Guzek (Poland), Dr Genaro C. Miranda de la Lama (Mexico) and Dr Arnold Kanengoni (South Africa), to the SAJAS editorial board.

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