Effect of location of eggs in the incubator on hatchability of eggs from Bronze turkey breeders of different ages

Author: M. Ozcelik, F. Ekmen and O. Elmaz
Year: 2009
Issue: 3
Volume: 39
Page: 214 - 222

The objective of this study was to determine the effect of location in an incubator on the hatching characteristics of eggs obtained from Bronze turkeys of different ages, viz. at the ages of 8, 10 and 12 months. In the study 330 eggs were placed in each of six locations within an incubator, totalling 1 980 eggs from each age group, and 5 940 eggs overall. The highest fertility rate and hatchability of all eggs set, and of fertile eggs were recorded in the eggs from 10-month old breeders.  The lowest rates of shell adhesion deaths, null poults and poults with abnormalities were also observed in this group. In all age groups investigated, the hatchability of all eggs set and of fertile eggs was the highest in eggs placed in the front of the machine. Furthermore, early and middle stage deaths during incubation were lower in the front of the incubator compared to the back. The differences between eggs placed in the upper, middle and lower parts of the machine with respect to the investigated characteristics were not statistically significant. Although these results were obtained from a specific incubator, the locations inside and all applications (temperature, humidity, shaking, etc.) were within accepted standards. Therefore, results are applicable, in general.

Keywords: Egg location, egg size, hatchability, incubation, turkey
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