Effect of selenium-vitamin E injections of ewes on reproduction and growth of their lambs (Short communication)

Author: M. Koyuncu and H. Yerlikaya
Year: 2007
Issue: 4
Volume: 37
Page: 233 - 236

The experiment was conducted on 90 Karacabey Merino ewes divided into three groups. The first group of ewes was treated with 5 mL 0.1% sodium selenate, the second with 5 mL 0.1% sodium selenate and 250 mg vitamin E, while the third one was a control group. The effect of intra-muscular injection of selenium (Se) and Se plus vitamin E on oestrus, fertility, prolificacy, number of lambs reared the weight of lambs at birth and the live weight gain for 60 days was investigated. The injections of Se plus vitamin E significantly increased the incidence of oestrus, fertility and prolificacy in ewes, lamb body weight at day 60 and daily weight gain of ewes for 60 days postpartum compared with the control group.

Keywords: reproductive performance, selenium; vitamin E, sheep
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