Effects of egg weight and length of storage on hatchability and subsequent growth performance of quail

Author: M. Petek, H. Baspinar and M. Ogan
Year: 2003
Issue: 4
Volume: 33
Page: 242 - 247

This study was to investigate the effects of hatching egg weight and length of storage period on hatchability and subsequent growth performance of quail. A total of 2304 eggs was collected from a quail flock, aged 17 weeks. The eggs were divided into four groups on the basis of storage periods of 1, 3, 5 or 7 days. Prior to egg storage, the eggs in each group were classified according to egg weight, as small: <10.51 g; medium: 10.51-11.50 g; large: 11.51-12.50 g; and jumbo: >12.51 g. Hatchability of total and of fertile eggs increased significantly with an increase in egg weight but was not affected by duration of egg storage. There were no significant effects of egg storage period on body weight and feed conversion ratio of the progeny at six weeks of age. The average body weight of the quail produced from heavier eggs (large and jumbo) was significantly higher than those from the smaller eggs. It is recommended that the storage period should be no longer than 3 days. Eggs heavier than 11.50 g were found to be the most suitable for successful hatching and subsequent growth performance.

Keywords: egg weight, growth performance, hatchability, Quail, storage period
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