Ekstensiewe vleisbeesboerdery op Soutpan

Author: G. Marincowitz en J.G. Low
Year: 1977
Issue: 1
Volume: 7
Page: 37 - 41

The extensive production of beef according to the principles of controlled selective grazing and improved herd management on natural veld in the sour mixed bushveld, was investigated at the Soutpan experimental farm. Originally a start was made with Afrikaner type animals but was later changed to a criss-cross system using Afrikaner types and Simmentalers. A dramatic improvement in calving percentage- from 56% (53-62) to 86% (70-94), and 205 day weaning mass from 144 kg (134-156) to 192 kg (182-205) was achieved. During the past seven years livemass production increased from 17,9 to 30,5 kg/ha whilst herd turnover increased from 17 to 30% irrespective of the fact that the annual average livestock units carried on the farm on occasion decreased by as much as 23%.

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