Energieaanvulling by mieliekuilvoer vir slaglamproduksie

Author: P.J. Boshoff, D. Oosthuysen en H.A. van de Rheede
Year: 1977
Issue: 1
Volume: 7
Page: 21 - 24

Six different ratios of maize supplementation to maize silage were evaluated for slaughter lambs in 2 experiments. Maize silage, supplemented at l% of mean live body mass with maize, resulted in the highest growth rate in the first experiment, whereas no significant differences occurred in the second. Carcass mass and dressing percentage were significantly higher on higher concentrated rations. Dry matter intake amounted to +-3% of body mass. Excellent profit margins were shown for all the rations. It is concluded that maize silage can play an important role in finishing early-weaned lambs for slaughter lamb production.

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