Enhancement of poultry meat: Trends, nutritional profile, legislation and challenges: A review

Author: S. M. Tan, H. L. de Kock, G. A. Dykes, R. Coorey & E. M. Buys
Year: 2018
Issue: 2
Volume: 48
Page: 199 - 212

Poultry meat is a good source of animal protein, and is affordable for many low-income families in developing countries. It is also part of a balanced diet through contributing valuable nutrients for human health. The poultry industry implements an enhancement process to improve quality and add value to poultry meat. This process may be defined as the addition of a formulated solution or brine, which contains salt, phosphate, and flavour additives for meat. It reduces cooking loss, and improves the tenderness and juiciness of meat. Although enhancement is widely used in the poultry industry, literature on this topic is inadequate. This review aims to outline recent trends in poultry meat enhancement, the main ingredients, and the effects of these ingredients on enhanced poultry meat. The nutritional profile affected by enhancement, the challenges of the enhancement process, and the legislative background to enhancement in selected countries are also discussed. This review provides scientific information on poultry meat enhancement for authorities, food processors, and consumers to ensure accurate application of the process and to prevent adulterated meat products in the market.

Keywords: Brine, food regulations, meat safety, nutrient components
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