Essential amino acid requirements of meat and milk goats

Author: A.V. Ferreira
Year: 2004
Issue: 5
Volume: 34
Page: 46 - 48

The essential amino acid (EAA) profile of the Boer goat and Saanen kids was investigated. The EAA composition of the components differed from the whole empty body (WEB) concentration. No significant differences between the two species WEB EAA composition were found. Therefore, the average empty body EAA composition (g EAA/100 g crude protein) for goats was as follows: 5.65 arginine; 2.69 histidine; 2.94 isoleucine; 7.86 leucine; 6.83 lysine; 1.83 methionine; 3.04 phenylalanine; 5.55 threonine; 4.86 valine. This composition can serve as the ideal EAA requirements for growth in meat and milk goats.

Keywords: Boer goat, carcass, essential amino acids, offal, Saanen, whole empty body
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