Evaluering van Suid-Afrikaanse proteïenbronne: Gebruik van kleurbinding as maatstaf van proteïenkwaliteit in vismele

Author: G.A. Smith, J.P. Hayes & N. Smith
Year: 1986
Issue: 4
Volume: 16
Page: 177 - 182

Evaluation of South African protein sources: Use of dye-binding as measure of protein quality in fish-meal South African fish-meals differing in origin, composition and conditions of processing were evaluated for protein content, dye-binding capacity, dye-binding lysine, f1uorodinitrobenzenereactive lysine (FDNB), protein efficiency ratio (PER) and rat bio-available lysine values. A high degree of correlation (r = 0,988) was found between dye-binding lysine and PER values as well as between dye-binding lysine and bio-available lysine values (r = 0,903). It is concluded that the dye-binding lysine technique could serve as a quality control measure at the processing plants in the fish-meal industry.



Keywords: dye-binding capacity, dye-binding lysine, fish meal, Protein quality
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