Fatty acid composition of subcutaneous and kidney fat depots of Boer goats and the response to varying levels of maize meal (Sho

Author: N.H. Casey & W.A. van Niekerk
Year: 1985
Issue: 2
Volume: 15
Page: 60 - 62

The proportion of eight fatty acids( 14:01, 6:0,1 6:1, 17:0, 17:1,18:01,8 :1and 18:2) was measured in the subcutaneous and kidney fat depots of five groups of Boer goat castrates which had been kept for 90 days on one of five different diets. The diets were compiled on an iso -N, -Ca and –P basis and varied in their maize and Cenchris ciliaris contents. In general, subcutaneous fat (iodine no 31,3) was less saturated than the kidney depot( iodine no 28,2). This was also reflected in the fatty acid profiles. Increasing levels of maize in the diet were associated with an increase in n-cis-9-octadecenaocicid (C 18:1)( P > 0,01)i n both depot fats and with a decrease in stearic acid (18:0) concentration (P > 0,05) in the subcutaneous fat.



Keywords: Fat deposits, fatty acids, goats, nutrition
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