Genetic analyses for conformation traits in South African Jersey and Holstein cattle

Author: H.E. Theron and B.E. Mostert
Year: 2004
Issue: 6
Volume: 34
Page: 47 - 49

(Co)variance components for linear type traits of South African Jerseys and Holsteins were estimated. Heritability estimates are mostly in agreement with other studies although some estimates for the Jersey population are lower. Genetic trends for conformation traits of the South African Holstein show that cows are becoming taller and more angular, while udder traits have also improved. Teat lengths are becoming shorter in both breeds. Genetic trends of the Jersey indicate little or no selection for conformation traits, except for traits highly correlated with production, i.e. rear udder width, rear udder height and dairy form.

Keywords: genetic trend, heritability, type traits
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