Genetic trends of selection for pelt traits in Karakul sheep. I. Direct responses

Author: J.C. Greeff, A.S. Faure, G.J. Minnaar and S.J. Schoeman
Year: 1993
Issue: 5
Volume: 23
Page: 164 - 169

Genetic trends owing to selection for an increase in pattern and hair quality and a decrease in hair length and curl development in the Karakul were estimated with the Animal Model in four selection lines and in a control flock over 12 years (3.6 generations). The objective was, firstly, to determine whether the control flock remained genetically stable during the course of the experiment and,  secondly, to determine the size of the additive genetic component of the phenotypic variance for pattern, hair quality, hair length and curl development. Results indicated that the control flock did not remain genetically stable as pattern and hair quality showed a small positive change, whereas curl development and hair length showed a small negative change. A mean annual response of 2.52%, 1.31%, 2.96% and 7.1% were obtained for selection for pattern, hair quality, hair length and curl development, respectively. Realized heritabilities were 0.20, 0.34, 0.63 and 0.56, respectively.




Keywords: Control flock, genetic trends, Karakul, pelt traits, selection
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