Goat milk and heat treatments

Author: K. Raynal-Ljutovac, T. Massouras and M. Barbosa
Year: 2004
Issue: 5
Volume: 34
Page: 173 - 175

Heat stability of goat milk has been investigated on European milk samples from France, Greece and Portugal. A variability of coagulation temperatures was observed and was directly linked to milk composition. Some technological adaptations such as the use of additives can greatly improve heat stability of French goat milk. Furthermore, some steps of the Ultra High Temperature Treatment (UHT, 136 °C/6s) process itself can be detrimental and must be taken into account. It was shown that cold storage (72 h at 4 °C) could impair the stability of goat milk.

Keywords: additives, cooling, Goat milk, heat stability, physicochemical composition
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