Growth, carcase and meat characteristics of stress susceptible and stress resistant South African Landrace gilts

Author: P.H. Heinze & G. Mitchell
Year: 1988
Issue: 1
Volume: 18
Page: 42 - 46





Growth rate, average daily gain, feed conversion ratio, muscle pH, backfat thickness, dressing percentage, drip loss, cooking loss, water holding capacity, and shear force were measured in 47 South African Landrace gilts of which 30 were classified as stress resistant and 17 as stress susceptible with the halothane test. Stress susceptible pigs had a significantly higher (P < 0,01) dressing percentage, and significantly (P < 0,01) lower backfat thickness and muscle pH (M. longissimus lumborum). M. longissimus thoracis samples from the stress susceptible pigs cooked at 70 °C for 60 minutes had a lower average shear force value (P < 0,01) than those from the stress resistant pigs. No other significant differences were found between the two groups of pigs. Stress susceptible pigs have the desirable attributes of leaner carcases with more tender meat, but have a low post mortem muscle pH1. indicative of pale, soft, exudative pork which will neutralize to a great extent the desirable qualities these pigs might have.



Keywords: carcase characteristics, growth characteristics, meat characteristics, Stress susceptible pigs
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