Influence of different housing systems on the performance of hens of four laying strains

Author: B.E. Mostert, E.H. Bowes and J.C. van der Walt
Year: 1995
Issue: 3
Volume: 25
Page: 80 - 86

Four laying strains were evaluated with regard to henday egg production, egg mass, feed conversion, mortality, Haugh units, shell thickness and percentage soiled, cracked and broken eggs produced under a battery, floor house and free-range system. This was done to determine whether significant differences do exist in performance between the different housing systems and to identify any stain x housing system interactions that may be present. Strain accounted for most variation in all the tested traits. Overall the battery system seems to be more advantageous than the other systems, yielding a significantly higher henday egg production than the free-range system, a significantly higher egg mass than in the floor house system, a significantly better feed conversion than both the floor house and free-range systems, significantly less mortalities and less soiled, cracked and broken eggs than both the other systems. Strain x housing system interactions were observed with regard to feed conversion and mortality.

Keywords: feed conversion, Haugh units, henday egg production, housing system, strain
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