Kinetic measurements on bacterial cultures growing on fibres

Author: A. Kistner, J.H. Kornelius and G.S. Miller
Year: 1983
Issue: 3
Volume: 13
Page: 217 - 220

The culture outflow-rate from a specially designed pH-auxostat continuous culture system can be used to calculate the specific growth rates of different bacterial species on suspensions of cellulose or other insoluble substrates. Provided a constant concentration of substrate is maintained in the inflowing medium and the contents of the culture vessel are well mixed, steady-state conditions are established which permit the determination of the rate, per unit volume of culture, and extent of solubilization of the substrate under defined environmental conditions. Preliminary results of kinetic measurements on cultures of four species of fibrolytic rumen bacteria, growing on finely dispersed cellulose, are presented.


Keywords: cellulose, continious culture, fibre, pH-auxostat, rumen bacteria, solubilization, specific growth rate
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