Mikrogolf-geprosseseerde volvetsojabone vir gebruik in braaikuikendiete

Author: B.J. Welgemoed and G.A. Smith
Year: 1991
Issue: 1
Volume: 21
Page: 28 - 32

Microwave-processed full-fat soy beans for use in broiler diets. An experimental microwave oven, delivering microwaves of 1,3 kW (frequency of 2450 MHz), was used to process air-dry (9,13% moisture) and moistened (23,08% moisture) full-fat soy beans. The processed beans were chemically evaluated by measuring the trypsin inhibitor activity (TIA), whereas biological quality was evaluated by means of true metabolizable energy (TME) and amino acid availability (AA). Broiler growth was used as a final criterium of processing success. The broiler diets were formulated so as to include 20% treated soy beans, which resulted in a crude-protein level of 15% and an energy concentration of 12,8 MJ ME/kg. It was established that the optimal processing time was 9 min for air-dry and 8 min for moistened soy beans. TIA, TME and AA were reasonably accurate indicators of actual responses as measured in the broiler growth trial.




Keywords: Broiler, microwave processing, soy beans
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