Model system evaluation of the effects of pea and pH on the emulsion properties of beef

Author: Ş. Kurt & H. G. Ceylan
Year: 2018
Issue: 2
Volume: 48
Page: 316 - 323

The effects of dried ground pea (0 – 1%) and pH (4.80 – 7.20) on the emulsion properties of beef were investigated using the model system. The study was designed according to the central composite rotatable design using the Response Surface Methodology. Pea had significant effects on emulsion activity and stability. The effects of pH on emulsion capacity, stability, activity, density, viscosity and apparent yield stress were significant. In addition, the interaction of both factors (pea and pH) caused significant effects on emulsion density, apparent yield stress of emulsion and emulsion gel. Pea addition increased emulsion activity at low concentrations and decreased at high concentrations. This study suggests that pea can improve the properties of emulsion type meat products and may be considered as an alternative additive in such products.

Keywords: beef, emulsion, pea, pH, response surface
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