Movements of adult Culicoides midges around stables in KwaZulu-Natal

Author: A.B. Jenkins and M.B. Young
Year: 2010
Issue: 5
Volume: 40
Page: 505 - 509

Preferences of adult Culicoides midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) were examined to identify focal spots for vectors of African Horse Sickness (AHS).  Five similar regions across five farms were sampled at regular periods over one year.  The catches were identified to species level and regression analysis was performed on untransformed data which followed a negative binomial distribution with a log link function.  Midges were found to frequent dung heaps and the interior of stable blocks significantly more than any other site.  This occurs most markedly during July when temperatures are at their lowest and midges find shelter, warmth and food in these places.  Recommendations for vector control with a suitable spray programme are provided

Keywords: adult, African horse sickness, Culicoides, midge, stables
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